Labtab series intelligent laboratory tablet press

特点: Features
1.单出料,适用于实验室和小试。It is applicable to laboratory use and pilot production with single discharge
2.压制单层片或双层片。It can produce single and double layer tablet
3.无手轮操作,采用伺服控制系统实现充填深度和片剂厚度的自动调整,保证片重精度。Without hand-wheel, servo system and measuring device are adopted to ensure the high precision of the adjustment of the fill depth and thickness of the tablet.
4.触摸屏操作,实现全自动实时控制。Operated by touch screen automatically.
5.显示主压力平均值、主压力单值和出片力。Main compression average force, main compression force single value and ejection force can be displayed.
6.显示主压片厚、预压片厚、充填深度和转速等。Thickness of the tablet under main and pre-compression, filling depth and speed of the turret can be displayed.
7.可记录充填深度、预压片厚、显示主压片厚、主压力和出片力等实时数据。Filling depth, thickness of the tablet under main and pre-compression, main compression force, ejection force and other main technical parameters can be recorded.
8. 采用以太网等通信协议,实现数据上传,互联互通Datum uploading function(supporting Ethernet)
9. 符合美国联邦法—21 CFR PART 11,具有电子签名和电子记录功能。Compliance with US Federal Law-21 CFR PART 11 with the function of electronic signature and record.
10.符合FDA和欧盟的GMP。US FDA and EU GMP compliant
 主要技术参数 Main Technical Specifications
型号 Model ZP 8ZP 16
冲模数 Number of stations816
最大片径 Max. Tablet diametermm22(D)22(D)
最大产量Max. output单层片Single layertablets/hr1440028800
双层片Double layer960019200
最大充填深度Max. filling depth第一层Single layermm16
第二层Double layer
最大预压力Max. Pre-compression forcekN10
最大主压力Max. compression forcekN60
转台转速Speed of turret单层片Single layerrpm5~30
双层片Double layer5~20
强迫加料器转速Speed of force feeder第一层Single layerrpm10~35
第二层Double layer
最大片厚Max. thickness of tabletmm8
主电机功率Main motor powerkW3
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